Huge Update 0.2.0! - August 27, 2022

Hooray! Update 0.2.0 has huge changes from the first version based on lots of feedback!

If you haven't played before, no worries! I think the new version is easier to get into in a lot of ways.

If you have played before, check out this list of changes:

  • There is a tutorial that is 3 levels long.
  • All allies are resurrected between battles instead of continuing on with surviving allies.
  • Essence does not persist between battles, and a popup has been added to keep you from continuing before spending all essence.
  • Level ups. Leveling happens when three allies of the same type are placed into the same row or column. The resulting ally will be in the spot where the last ally was placed. Allies can be leveled directly to max level (3) by creating a row & column match at the same time.
  • Item slots: Level 1 allies now start with 1 item slot, level 2 allies have 2, and level 3 allies have 3. When leveling, allies will keep items with priority for items on allies in the lowest cells.
  • By default, allies cannot be re-positioned once placed into the grid, but there is an item and indulgence that allows you to move them.
  • New allies and items. Check here for a reference guide to all of them:
  • Allies now all have the same default attack pattern: Attacks random in closest occupied column.
  • "If paired" item abilities have been removed
  • A set of 9 attainments (achievements) to complete.

Again, I'd love to keep improving the game and welcome any and all thoughts/feedback!

Thanks for playing ♥

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