Allies, Items, and Indulgences Reference Guide

Below you'll find a reference for the all the current allies, items, and indulgences in the game + their stats.

Note: When a special ability reads like, "On Death: Summon Spirit Friars with 1/3/6 health and attack to all empty cells in row", this means that the numbers 1/3/6 are the values associated with the character at level 1, 2, and 3.


DEFSpecial Ability
Recusant Friar
312On Death: Summon Spirit Friars with 1/3/6 health and attack to all empty cells in row

Heretic Assassin
Before battle: Deal 3/6/9 damage to a random enemy
Altar Beast
321Ally summoned to adjacent cell: Give +1/3/6 health and attack to an ally summoned into an adjacent cell
Faithless Pylon
211On Damage Enemy: Negates damaged enemy's ability for rest of battle if enemy is same level or lower
Cell Welder
332Before Death: Give 1/3/6 health and attack to ally in Cell 5
Prophet's Guardian3
33On Attack: Does 1/3/6 damage to all enemies in row behind attack target
Hero Slayer233Before attack: Gains 2/4/6 attack
Blood Keeper332On Kill: If an enemy damaged by this unit dies this turn, gain 1/3/6 health and attack
Silent Executioner354No special ability
Child of Muck313End of Round: Gains 2/4/6 attack
Infected Heretic221When attacked: Does 1/3/6 retaliation damage
Life Holder322On Death: Give adjacent allies 1/3/6 health
Demi Summoner311On death: Summons a Child of Muck or Infected Heretic into  1/2/3 empty adjacent cell(s)



Orbis Incursio2Before battle: Give +1 Attack for each Orbis Incursio owned by this ally AND adjacent allies
Orbis Vigor2Before battle: Give +1 Health for each Orbis Vigor owned by this ally AND adjacent allies
Anulus Terrorum
On Death: Summons one 2/2 War Automaton to a random empty cell
Hormonal Amplifier3Attacks targeting an ally are drawn to ally with Hormonal Amplifier instead.
Book Of The True Cell3Start of Round: If in Cell 5, attack a random enemy for damage equal to ally's level
Statim Mortem1Kills ally
Sigil Accommodatio1Allows ally to be re-positioned on the grid
Spiked Helmet
3When attacked: Does retaliation damage equal to attacking ally's level


All ImbueAll summons gain +1/+1
EssentiaSell allies for an extra +2 essence once per level
Cell VeritasOn entering the store: Give ally in cell 5 +3 health
AccommodatioAllows one ally to be re-positioned once per level
RetaliationAll retaliation damage is increased by 1

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