Order Automatica is my specialty take on on a singleplayer auto battler. It tries to imagine a design for single player auto battlers that is different from multiplayer versions of the genre.


Draft a synergistic grid of unit cards, each with their own powerful abilities. Combine cards, arrange your grid perfectly, and think deeply about systemic possibilities.

Feedback in the comments and ratings are greatly appreciated!

Hotkeys for Skipping Stuff

These are here since every update currently deletes people's saves. 

You can use these to skip back to where you were before.

On candle scene:

  • Left Shift S to skip the tutorial

On the rank picking screen:

  • Left Shift 2 to unlock 1-2, Left Shift 3 to unlock rank 1-3 and so on

With a rank chosen:

  • Left Shift a 1 to unlock attainment 1 for that rank, Left Shift a 2, to unlock the second, and Left Shift a 3 to unlock the third


Game Design and Programming by mickey.

Music by Brendan McCracken / icynotes.

Original UI Art by Kartik Kini (Finite Reflection Studios)

Detailed feedback, play testing, and guidance: 

  • Brendan McCracken
  • Ryan Kubik
  • Alternasports LLC.

Key art by Steven Hancher

Additional playtesting and feedback:

Character art and some item art comes from Penusbmic: https://penusbmic.itch.io/

Sound effects created with JFXR: https://jfxr.frozenfractal.com/

Other assets:

StatusIn development
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorNew Beings
Made withUnity, Aseprite
Tagsauto-battler, autobattler, autochess, Deck Building, Pixel Art, Roguelike, Roguelite, Turn-based, Turn-based Strategy
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksSteam, Steam

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Here's a glitch that I found:
Whenever you lose/win/draw a battle, there's a very brief window when it's fading to the preparation phase that when you click on the attainment list, the ritual that you're on will restart. 

I've lost a few rituals to this since I check the attainment list often after a battle :(

Thanks so much for taking the time to make both of these comments, and sorry that those losses happened for you : (

I'll work on fixing those.

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There's an exploit on the "no-moving" levels:

If you have a spare movement indulgence, then you could move a unit to hold and back to the grid wherever you want, ruining basically the whole point of the level.

Edit: Spelling mistakes

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Glitch occurs when dragging unit to line between squares 1 and 3. Can reproduce in 1-3 tries. Bug is visual only, everything except last unit moved is deleted when the round starts. I would assume it is an issue with the snapping when moving units resulting in the data being overwritten on round start. Just guesswork tho.

sorry that happened, and thanks for letting me know! thanks for playing : )


I'm pretty sure this is now fixed!

What a game ! Would love to buy the full release on steam !

Thank you so much! That will happen someday : )


The altars of the immortal


There's a crash sort of thing that happens when a would be dead demi summoner spawns another one that happens to be perfect to fuse with. After they fuse the run just stops, and quitting the round is the only way to do anything again

thanks for the update! that should be fixed on the experimental branch (https://newbeings.itch.io/order-automatica-beta)

and will be included in the next update here : )

This game is very fun. May have spent a few hours or so on it. Also, Altar Beast distill item is very, let's say very unfair.

Say if you were to attach it to a level 1 Demi Summoner, when Demi Summoner dies, its spawns one ally but with the distill item it keeps spawning allies because of its special ability make a loop until there's no space. 

But because of one item it breaks. Statim Mortem, a 1 cost item that kills your allies. When used on Demi Summoner it creates a permanent ally at the cost of itself. High Risk and low reward and while it doesn't seem like much else it going on, it allowing Demi Summoner to generate infinite money and infinite power. As Demi Summoner with the distill item summons allies you can sell them creating space for allies to spawn creating a loop and because of Child of Muck it gets/gives infinite power.

Now, interesting enough, if you have Hertic Assassin with the distill item in the same team as the Demi Summoner you can even damage or kill your opponent before you even begin. 

Anyway, it was fun, and I hope for more updates and content like this.

thanks for playing! this is great feedback and i hope to balance all those things out.

Book for 5th slot breaks randomly on summons saying -3 but never removing it

thanks for letting me know!
so, a unit hits someone with their cell 5 book power, and they have less than 0 health, but they don't die?

no its more like they get the -3 from taking damage but they never take the damage IE 1 defense robot keeps getting smacked for 3 and never dies cuase it never finishes taking the damage.

New update broke summons.  Now if three in a row happens mid-battle, the merge can cause the game to stop progressing (I imagine it's looking for a unit in a cell it can no longer find). Idle animations still play.  I had 3 war automatons merge prior to this without issue, which is why I think it's a new problem, but maybe I just got lucky last time or unlucky this time.

ah dang - thanks for letting me know! i think some other people have experienced the same thing, so I hope to get this fix into the next update.

hey, maybe demi summoners shouldn't be able to summon another demi summoner...

does it feel too overpowered that way? Thanks for playing : )


yeah, if you go for a summon build, it's insanely strong

(2 edits)

I think while moving a unit, it glitched and the unit stopped existing.

Edit to add, the orbis vigor and incursio say row in the battle but column in the description.

True cell bomb also doesn't work after round 1.

Thanks for playing and for letting me know! Looking into it!

Really like the game's aesthetics, mechanics, and difficulty. Enjoying the game so far overall!

Thanks for playing and for making the video! I love that you called it a "Sniper + Summon build" hehe

very fun game, I also like that unlike most autobattlers, there is no stat cap, or at least it is much higher than 50

got an error message when distilling twice in one turn, game then proceeded to crash

(2 edits)

specificallly cell welders 

EDIT: found the error, its caused by distilling an unbought unit, not from distilling cell welders

thanks for playing and for taking the time to let me know about this! sorry that happened to you - looking into it!

The game is quite fun. This unique take on the auto battler format prioritizes more on critical thinking rather than going with your current build, which is nice.

I appreciate it! Thanks for playing : )

i seem to have a problem were when i skip the enemies turn to quickly they just stop and i cant do my turn

ah dang that's annoying - sorry that's happening to you. thanks for letting me know.

does it happen on a specific rank or just everywhere?

just everywhere

I also have the same problem.

Sorry to hear it. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble recreating this - I might need more info like what browser you're using. A video would be the most helpful and/or if you know how to open the browser inspector and get logs from the console.


I really love the latest update, a LOT actually. from rebalancing to the better approach to new players. But... there's a couple of things i noticed. First the spiked helmet item doesn't work as it says it does, instead of dealing 2 dmg back, it still deals the lvl dmg of the enemy instead. The Altar beast also doesn't seem to activate it's ability (correctly if at all. when the distillation of "on hit" is on, it can lead to it healing the enemy's summons instead.) 

And there's also something I dont understand regarding fusion of units. You see, after i buffed a couple of war automatons, 2 of them had about 50 or so atk and hp, but after a third one fused with them the lvl 2 result was weaker, about 40 something instead. How does the stat distribution work when fusing?


I'm glad you like the updates! I REALLY appreciate your feedback and continued playing of the game ❤️

I hope to take a look at all these issues this weekend, and I'll also get back to you about how fusion works

(2 edits)

This is the way fusion works: 

When going to level 2 it chooses the highest health and attack and adds +3 to that in the resulting unit.

When going to level 3 it does the same but adds +6 health and attack. 

At least that is how it is supposed to work! I haven't been able to reproduce the automaton leveling problem myself, but I'll continue to keep an eye out.

Thanks for the heads up on the wrong numbers for the spiked helmet - that was an easy fix and I can hopefully push an update for that soon.

As for the altar beast problem when using the "on hit" distillation - I was able to reproduce this. I'm considering removing the "on hit" distillation in some way because it causes A LOT of bugs and edge cases with distillation (and it might just be way too powerful). Gotta think about it!

Thanks again for all the comments and bug reports!


Two glitches -
First, attaining total victory without any level 3 allies on Initiate Rank 3 causes the game to freeze on the victory banner. Abandoning the ritual functions to return to the main menu, but it doesn't recognise or save my progress, making that attainment unattainable.

Second, using the Demi Summoner and the right distillments, it's possible (if unlikelY) to summon three level-one units in a row in the middle of combat, causing them to merge and level up just as they would during prep time. When this happens on the computer's side of the board, the game proceeds as normal. When it happens on my side, it freezes.

Finally, I'm not sure if this is a glitch or not, but it's possible for a summoned Demi Summoner to die and summon an adjacent Altar Beast, which then recognises itself as a new summoned unit and buffs the Demi Summoner back to life again. That... seems like the wrong order. o_O

Otherwise, I'm having a lot of fun with this.


thank you so much for taking the time to write this! I'm going to be away from my computer all week, but i hope to get to these fixes when I'm back.

so sorry you lost your progress, but i'm glad you're having fun with it.

My pleasure! I tried it a couple of times just to make sure it was consistent. :P I've completed all the attainments except that one now!

Other notes:

- The chained-squares mechanic seems to interfere with leveling up units. It might have to do with whether I line them up using my last available move, but I'm not sure. It doesn't happen every time, though.

- It's also weird that the chains prevent distilling and discarding units when neither of those use up moves.

I just pushed an update that fixes the bug with getting the "no level 3" attainments. Thanks for finding that!

I'm still working on the demi-summoner bugs.

As for the bugs you reported in rank 2, it might be a bit until I get to those since that section is in flux a bit.

Thanks again so much for your feedback!

found a glitch, so i gave the altar beast a "when hurt" distillation, expecting for the summons next to it to keep getting buffed when it got hit... instead it started giving the stats to the enemies that attacked it... i dont even understand what the process behind that is, but like- man, that was a funny way to loose

there's times when retaliation damage also doesn't seem to take effect, like sure i see the -number pop up, but it doesn't carry out, if anything it's like the hp remained the same, because after an actual turn attack hurts the enemy that was supposed to be hurt by thorns, the previous damage gets removed and acts like nothing happened. This seems to be related to the distillation item because whenever i put spikes on my infected heretic thorn damage seems fine, but with distillation the glitch happens. Also another glitch with the heretic assassin, with a distillation, his ability attacks also do fake damage.

So... at Penitent Rank 1 the NPC just locked into not choosing anything at the shop, we were both down to our last heart, so i'm guessing that the NPC doesn't have thought out the units it'll buy for this turn? am i supposed to only beat it in 10-11 turns?


Oh no! Sorry, yea 2-1 and beyond a still very much a work in progress right now, so that's definitely a bug. I'm working on a really big update right now so I hope to get that out as soon as I can.

If you want to unlock the next level you can press shift-5 when you're on the main menu.

so apparently attempting to imediately place a unit in the distill square without buying it crashed mah game... shame i was about to perfect the run


Oh no! sorry about that and thanks for letting me know I'll look at that

How do you merge? I feel dumb because I've been trying to figure this out for hours

line up 3 units of the same type, you can't merge level 3 units btw

Giving the Heretic Assassin the distillation from the faithless pylon makes it loop attack forever since spike damage taken only counts after it stops attacking... could this get fixed somehow? like maybe the distillation of faithless pylon only procs once per turn of the character? cause now my run is stuck :'(


Oh dang! thank you so much for letting me know - there are so many combos now its hard for me to test them all. so sorry you got stuck - yea i think maybe it should just proc once? I'll try and get a fix up for this sometime this weekend

i think it also goes for the distillation with "before attacking" from the Hero slayer and the "on attack" from the Prophet's guardian, but i'm not entirely sure since i haven't tried those out.

Man i love the new mechanic, distillation can finally make Heretic Assassin really good


There's a glitch with the Hero Slayer, his ability says he gains +atk before attacking, yet the damage it deals is the same as before the "buff"


Ah dang, thanks for letting me know - I'll try and get that fix in soon.


I've think I've fixed this + the Heretic Assasin/Faithless Pylon distillation problem, but only on our beta branch here: https://newbeings.itch.io/order-automatica-beta

I'll need a little more time to get that + a bunch of other fixes up on this main page. Thanks for the heads up on everything again!

great game nearly won at rank 3 with summon build but i got a bug where if units (war machine) combine mid battle the set up for battle will be saved like hp and atk stats (including negative hp which kills the unit mid turn) and the combined unit, pls fix

Apologies for that! I'll get on it!

just uploaded a new build with this fix - thanks again for letting me know (unfortunately, uploading a new build deletes save files, but i hope to fix that in the future!)

I'm loving this new update! I really love the new looks, the shop, also feels like i'm making progress thanks to the 3 different levels


Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it : )

Love all the visual improvements!

Potentially unintended behavior? When I dismiss a held unit, it triggers the essentia item that gives extra essence. This makes that item into a +2 essence per round with no downside, which is weird. Taking a unit off hold should probably not trigger on-sell effects.

Some feedback:

I like the changes you made from the build I played last year. That said, the gameplay has a pacing issue. The pool of units and indulgences is very small and they're all designed to be equally balanced, so there's functionally no power curve. Every turn feels exactly the same. 

Some games solve this through a rarity system, others solve it through a tier system where you can level up the shop to find higher tier stuff. More content would also help. Since the pool is so small, I find myself picking the exact same indulgence or units every round since it's so reliable to get extra copies and they all scale well. Diluting the pool would help force more variety into the game.

One last note, with damage no longer persisting between rounds, the game is now very easy. The AI might need more work or some more gameplay advantages. It could also be fun to give the AI access to units you don't have access to. Playing against different stuff might be more interesting than it always being a mirror match.

Hey! Thanks for coming back and playing again and for taking the time to leave such thoughtful feedback.

1. Essentia triggering when selling held unit: Haha this is an interesting surprise! I've been trying to make things as systemic as possible, and I didn't know about this effect. I'd like there to be weird secret things like this in the store phase, but i'll have to think on whether this one makes sense. Possibly changing the wording of Essentia might help.

2. Power curve: I totally agree with you here - I do plan to do something with unlocking units and playing against units you don't own. I think a tier system could also be viable. And for sure the actual pool of units is quite small compared to what I'm eventually hoping to have. 

Thanks again!

really fun, i always find myself building a team around the ONE TRUE CELL XD. btw, any ideas on when you're releasing this? it's really good and i'd love to play it on steam

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks! You're a true believer - all hail cell 5.

We hope to release it this year, but we're currently only working on it in our spare time (apart from our day jobs), so it's hard to give definite timetables.

But it's coming along! We've been working on a huge update that will hopefully be out in the next few weeks 🙂

I gotta ask, when the heretic assassin does it's ability, when it says "random" does that mean that it will attack anyone so long as no one from the enemy is holding a hormonal amplifier? because when i have multiple heretic assassins and no enemy has the hormonal amplifier they still only attack the same target.

Correct, anyone without hormonal amplifier. I've noticed that too and it's possible it's a bug - I'll look into it thank you!

np, it's really fun what you have made

oh sick there's a whole table of units and items at the bottom

yea! I just added a bunch more units and moved the table of everything to a separate devlog page here: https://newbeings.itch.io/order-automatica/devlog/421124/allies-items-and-indulg...

Really cool game, I enjoyed the experience. My feedback:

Kudos for:

  • Art & Music fit the theme of the game
  • HUD & UI help to understand the game without having a tutorial
  • Good selection of minions and items

Need improvement:

  • Synergies, I see a lot of things that get around cell 5 and make me play always: heretic + cell guardian + book
  • I never play prophet guardian, and also see a benefit when I catch one on the enemy side

Thanks for playing! Yea I think that synergy is probably OP right now. There will definitely be lots of balancing to do on my part.

(1 edit)

i found this infinite essence glitch where you click on one of your allies then you chick out then you can dismiss forever and get infinite essence

haha nice! I was wondering if anyone would find that : ) I'll definitely have to nerf that at some point - maybe where you get more essence, but you can only do it once per store phase. thanks for playing!

The feature that pauses the game when an ability procs is an amazing teaching tool. Made learning the game a cinch. 

I really respect the decision to design an auto battler where death, damage, and even summons persists from combat, however, I am concerned about this design. There's a reason why no other games have done this, and it's because it makes the game into a real feast or famine situation. 

Right now, it feels like the only way to win is to abuse the 5th cell to make one unkillable unit, and scale from there. When I did that, the game felt pretty trivial. When I wasn't doing that, I was having to rebuild my comp nearly from scratch every round. Playing the game "fairly" just felt like re-doing round 1 over and over again because I couldn't get any of my units to stick between rounds.

Another consequence is many of the relics feel useless. Why would I ever spend money to give an on death effect to a unit if it can only ever happen 1 time? The only time I'd consider buying this is if my board is full, at which point I probably was already winning anyway. The relic that gives a unit taunt is useful, but getting the pair feels actively bad because you'd only ever want to put it on the unit which you're scaling in the center cell. But that's also bad because that's the unit you want to draw damage away from, so it's kind of a cursed problem.

Game is very cool and promising, but it really needs some more systems to complement allies not reviving between rounds.

Thank you for taking the time to provide so much feedback!

I definitely agree with you about the problems around persisting effects from combat. I'm currently considering changing this. I think the problems are compounded by the fact that the game has one loss leading to total defeat. I think the summons persisting from combat is the one especially interesting thing here, but maybe that could be some kind of item or indulgence - I'll probably have to try some things and see.

You point about the on-death items is very interesting too. They become completely different if a unit were to be resurrected after each combat.

Thanks again! Feedback is very appreciated.

Having problems with the game loading, sent you a DM on Reddit

Thanks for letting me know! For anyone else wondering who might find this: Looks like the game isn't working on the itch.io app right now. I'm not really sure why, but I'm looking into it. In the meantime, you should still be able to play this in a web browser.

Neat game!

Super fun! just beat the first ritual :) wishlist on steam already!

Thanks for playing, and thank you for making such great assets! They really motivated me a lot during development ❤

I bow to the glory of cell 5! :pray:

The One True Cell 🙏🏽

heck yeah. This game is already a ton of fun, and has a ton of potential too. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! Thanks for all the feedback : )


Altar Beast is my fav, I think. There’s something really sweet about getting a good summoning team going!

Altar Beast rulez - very charismatic. Yea summoning is always super fun : )