Launch version feedback and plans

Wow! I've received feedback and comments from lots of people who played and I'm super grateful! I hope to use all of this to make the game better. Thank you all so much ♥

I've broken down the feedback into some major categories:

  • It's hard to enact a strategy and things feel a too random
  • I don't understand how to play
  • I don't like how the game looks

Here's my plans on how to address them:

"It's hard to enact a strategy and things feel a too random"

While auto battlers generally have a good deal of randomness, it's still important to feel like you can work towards some type of strategy. I'm experimenting with some BIG changes here. First, I want to try making it so your team is resurrected each round instead of continuing on with your surviving team members at the end of battle. This is the more common way of doing things in games like this, and I think it's for a reason. However, this has a ton of rippling effects to other aspects of the game, so a lot of other things will change along with it.

"I don't understand how to play the game"

This makes complete sense, because I haven't done a good job of adding any tutorials. Additionally, I've changed the names of button that are commonly used in the genre to fit thematically. For example, "Seek Understanding" could easily say "Start Battle". I have a lot of ideas to make this better, and have generally been holding off until the game design solidifies a bit more. For now, I think I'll probably add a "How to play section" at the top of the itch page so that can be easily updated.

"I don't like how the game looks"

Fair enough! I think the character art assets are great (which I purchased through an asset pack on itch), but the rest is just programmer art by me. I think this will have to stay around until the game mechanics solidify a bit more and I have a close-to-fully-defined sense of what the UI will need to be. I'd LOVE to be able to pay a pixel artist to work on this at some point! We'll see : )

Anyway, thanks again for playing!

If you've made it this far, here's a link to where I plan to post in-progress versions:

the password is `beta`

I know this is confusing, because this main page is also kind of a "beta", but I'd like to keep the version posted here relatively stable.


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Hi! New rules confuse a bit))

Didn't check a lot, but want to note:

 - on 4x speed animations aren't play till the end

 - when you click on a character and click again in the same place character remains selected

 - would be nice to have an option to skip a tutorial

Thanks for checking it out! 

If there's something specific you were confused about, don't hesitate to let me know. Hopefully I can try to clear it up!

- Not sure what you mean about the 4x speed animations?

- clicking on character: ah yea that's confusing. Right now if you right click you will de-select, but i'll need to make this better

- skipping the tutorial is a good idea!

Thanks for the feedback!

About speed - now you have normal battle speed, 2x, 4x and auto mode. So in 4x mode some animations paused before ending untill you press "bear witness"

"If there's something specific you were confused about, don't hesitate to let me know. Hopefully I can try to clear it up!"  - No, I just checked a previous version few hours before checking this one, and there was a much difference))))

Gotcha! I will look into that - thanks again for the feedback : )

Looking forward to seeing how these changes shake things up!