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oh sick there's a whole table of units and items at the bottom

yea! I just added a bunch more units and moved the table of everything to a separate devlog page here:

Really cool game, I enjoyed the experience. My feedback:

Kudos for:

  • Art & Music fit the theme of the game
  • HUD & UI help to understand the game without having a tutorial
  • Good selection of minions and items

Need improvement:

  • Synergies, I see a lot of things that get around cell 5 and make me play always: heretic + cell guardian + book
  • I never play prophet guardian, and also see a benefit when I catch one on the enemy side

Thanks for playing! Yea I think that synergy is probably OP right now. There will definitely be lots of balancing to do on my part.

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i found this infinite essence glitch where you click on one of your allies then you chick out then you can dismiss forever and get infinite essence

haha nice! I was wondering if anyone would find that : ) I'll definitely have to nerf that at some point - maybe where you get more essence, but you can only do it once per store phase. thanks for playing!

The feature that pauses the game when an ability procs is an amazing teaching tool. Made learning the game a cinch. 

I really respect the decision to design an auto battler where death, damage, and even summons persists from combat, however, I am concerned about this design. There's a reason why no other games have done this, and it's because it makes the game into a real feast or famine situation. 

Right now, it feels like the only way to win is to abuse the 5th cell to make one unkillable unit, and scale from there. When I did that, the game felt pretty trivial. When I wasn't doing that, I was having to rebuild my comp nearly from scratch every round. Playing the game "fairly" just felt like re-doing round 1 over and over again because I couldn't get any of my units to stick between rounds.

Another consequence is many of the relics feel useless. Why would I ever spend money to give an on death effect to a unit if it can only ever happen 1 time? The only time I'd consider buying this is if my board is full, at which point I probably was already winning anyway. The relic that gives a unit taunt is useful, but getting the pair feels actively bad because you'd only ever want to put it on the unit which you're scaling in the center cell. But that's also bad because that's the unit you want to draw damage away from, so it's kind of a cursed problem.

Game is very cool and promising, but it really needs some more systems to complement allies not reviving between rounds.

Thank you for taking the time to provide so much feedback!

I definitely agree with you about the problems around persisting effects from combat. I'm currently considering changing this. I think the problems are compounded by the fact that the game has one loss leading to total defeat. I think the summons persisting from combat is the one especially interesting thing here, but maybe that could be some kind of item or indulgence - I'll probably have to try some things and see.

You point about the on-death items is very interesting too. They become completely different if a unit were to be resurrected after each combat.

Thanks again! Feedback is very appreciated.

Having problems with the game loading, sent you a DM on Reddit

Thanks for letting me know! For anyone else wondering who might find this: Looks like the game isn't working on the app right now. I'm not really sure why, but I'm looking into it. In the meantime, you should still be able to play this in a web browser.

Neat game!

Super fun! just beat the first ritual :) wishlist on steam already!

Thanks for playing, and thank you for making such great assets! They really motivated me a lot during development ❤

I bow to the glory of cell 5! :pray:

The One True Cell 🙏🏽

heck yeah. This game is already a ton of fun, and has a ton of potential too. Keep up the good work!

Thank you! Thanks for all the feedback : )


Altar Beast is my fav, I think. There’s something really sweet about getting a good summoning team going!

Altar Beast rulez - very charismatic. Yea summoning is always super fun : )