Popcorn: Area 13

A jam entry for the 16th Eggplant Community Game Jam with the theme "falling deep".

Newly republished under the New Beings label. :)

PERFORMANCE NOTE: I've been getting reports that this doesn't run well or at all on Macs in any browser, and I've had one report of it not working well for a PC user either. I wasn't targeting a web build initially, but it seemed to work fine for me, so I ran with it. I hope to put up downloadable versions soon.

This glimpse into the mysterious underground of the ballsport world of Popcorn features an unusual control idea. It's not super dialed in, so, I just gave the player unlimited lives. Bring along some patience and try to enjoy the chaos. : )

Keyboard controls:

Spacebar - SERVE (at the beginning, or after dying)

A/D or Left / Right arrow keys - SET SPIN DIRECTION

Control Details:

Pressing a direction sets your spin to the maximum in that direction. After letting go of the key, the spin will slowly wind down to none. So if you want your next bounce to only move you a little, set the spin early in the air and let it wear off before you hit the ground.

Production Notes:

I set out on this jam not worrying about if I'd finish something and allowing myself to work on whatever pieces I most wanted to. In the end, I ended up liking the core of what I had and wanting to submit, but having not left enough time to even make levels that used some of the systems / features I made. I think I'm ready to return to wanting to actually jam well in the traditional sense, scoping and planning well and leaving time to polish at the end. Oh well, I had fun! And someday I hope to make the larger interconnected version of POPCORN that's been in my head for a year now.

Original Jam Game Page: https://icynotes.itch.io/popcorn-area-13

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