Infinite Orbit is Mickey and Jake's first game collabo as New Beings : ) It is an arcade style endless flyer about a lost astronaut trying to stay alive as he hovers above the planet Rose.

This game was originally released on iOS and Android in January 2015.

Music by Tyler Walker.


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The feel of the jetpacks are good, and the graphics are pretty nice..  However, the limits feel a bit arbitrary - we're in infinite space, but if we go two far up or down, it's out of bounds, and it's unclear what the path of the asteroids actually are. 

That said, the 3d aspect is an innovative touch, if a little hard to work with in practice.. 


Thanks! Yea definitely some weirdness about the limits. At one point I wanted to make it so that going too high meant you were released from earths gravity completely and thrown into the darkness of space, and then going too low meant you got burned up in the atmosphere so that you were just in a sweet spot waiting to be saved. Would make more sense if the debris was satellites and stuff like that. 

And yea, the 3d perspective makes it a little weird at times : /

Thanks for playing and for your comment!