Hey rookie! Congratulations on your new job at the First Contact Department: Earth's official welcoming committee™.

First Contact Department is a sci-fi office work sim where your job is to make first contact with aliens and translate their messages.

Made for Portland Indie Game Squad's Summer Slow Jams for June 2023.

The theme was "Idle" and "Mutation". I (mickey) started thinking about "mutation" and eventually started thinking about making a "telephone" variant - something where a spoken message "mutates" as it gets passed along. I've been watching a lot of X-Files lately, so aliens and first contact stuff was on my mind. I didn't incorporate "idle" as much, though I started thinking about the idleness of office environments. I was inspired by the aesthetics of X-Files, They Live, Sorry to Bother You, Do Not Feed the Monkeys and Daria. Gameplay-wise, this game is inspired by Papers Please, Do Not Feed the Monkeys, and The Case of the Golden Idol.

Asset credits:

Release date Jun 25, 2023
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorNew Beings
GenreSimulation, Interactive Fiction
Made withUnity
TagsAliens, Funny, Life Simulation, Management, Point & Click, Sci-fi, Short, Singleplayer
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

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Enjoyed this! More please!


also found it via Lucas Pope's devlog - if you ever need any music for future projects, I'd love to help!





This is a fantastic jam game.  Found it via your comment on Lucas Pope's latest devlog. I would play a longer version of this.


Thanks for taking taking the time to play and leave a comment ❤️ glad you enjoyed it.

I do hope to add more some time, and I already have some ideas : )

They really be out here saying "Wabo! Wumpy Wum! Nabu Da Dum!" 

Really though, what a fun and inventive concept. I haven't laughed that much playing a game in awhile! Well done



happy to hear it gave you some laughs, thanks for playing!


The only game that made me type "Fresh cross crass criss-cross. Creesh French crunch.". Short and rewarding. Play it!

hehe - thanks for playin!

Cannot wait to play again

Wonderful and interesting game. I recommend it highly

thanks for playing!